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I’m mostly traveling, but you’ll always find me online. If I’m not roaming the world, I’m teaching in The Netherlands (at my studio Love Healthy Living in Rotterdam) or I’m teaching in Curaçao. I’ll share the latest info here >>

*I speak Dutch, English, Spanish and Papiamentu, and I’m able to do any of the sessions in your preferred language.

This is for you if you’re not sure yet if this is for you. You can see it as getting a taster of your life’s blueprint! This session will be especially recorded for you, giving you an overview of your personal mechanics based on your unique Human Design chart. I’ll share the most important details so that this is a real kick-start into your transformation to reconnect to your true essence. I’ll connect to your Spirit Guides so you can be sure that you’ll hear everything that you need to hear!

You’ll receive a 30 min audio recording. This intro session can give you a feel if all this resonates with you, and if you feel that we’re a match, before investing to dive deeper.

For this session I’ll need your birth time/date/place.

€50 (incl. btw)

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You can’t find a session like this anywhere. It’s power-packed with valuable information to really activate your DNA and align yourself to your path. I’m a no fluff, straight to the point and don’t like to beat around the bush with information that should be accessible to everyone. So in our session I’ll go through your chart in detail and you may let me know what exactly / what more you would like to know about yourself, any questions are welcome. You’ll be able to get a clear insight in how to listen to your soul and knowing that you’re walking *your* journey!

If you’ve already had a session elsewhere, we’ll just dive deeper from where you currently are (from open centers, your gates and channels, to the workings of your variables -the arrows- including your dietary and environment regimens *Human Design PHS reading*).

After the session I’ll create a personalized guide for you including the most important information to start your deconditioning and experimentation, so you can experience your transformation in no time and live in alignment on a daily basis.

In this 2hr session we’ll meet in-person or on video chat, and you’ll get an audio recording of the session.

Our session:
€200 (incl. btw) for a 2hr session, including preparations + personal deconditioning guide to start your transformation/experimentation

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This is for you if you’re ready to live a life that’s more in alignment with your true self. You already feel that you’ve got a great life and you’re thankful for all you have, but you know that you could use some tweaks to really live more from your true essence. And that’s what I’m here for!

This session will be a complete experience that will result in a transformation to elevate your being into a next level! You can share about anything you have questions or struggles about. In this session we’ll dive deep into your personal Human Design chart and your Energetic Blueprint of your 10 bodies (Soul Body, Negative Mind, Positive Mind, Neutral Mind, Physical Body, Arcline, Aura, Pranic Body, Subtle Body, Radiant Body). Here lies all the answers to any of your questions, and I’ll also connect to your Spirit Guides to make sure I share exactly what it is you need at this very moment. No hocus spocus, just modern science intersecting with ancient teachings.

Based on our session you’ll get a guide with the most important details for your daily alignment. This also includes a 40 day meditation practice if you wish so. No experience needed, just the desire to reconnect with yourself on the deepest levels and live in alignment.

This is a 2,5 hour experience! We’ll meet in-person or on video chat, and you’ll get a recording of the session.

€275 (incl. btw) for a 2,5hr session, including preparations + guide

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If in time you feel like having a follow up session with me, we will dive deeper into any questions you have and I’ll make sure you have the clarity you need to continue aligned on your journey!

Follow up sessions:
€100 (incl. btw) per 60 minutes

We’re all energy and you have your own unique energetic blueprint that comes with a certain vibration/frequency. If you’re using crystals for external things, you can use about any crystal with their needed properties, but if you’re using crystals for the inner things, it has a much more profound effect to use crystals that are aligned with you’re vibratory energetic power. If you consider yourself an empath, highly sensitive or need healing in specific areas of self, it’s even more important to know your stones.

I’ll step into my mystical detective mode and find your personal crystals based on your Human Design chart and your Gene Keys Golden Path. I’ll set up a beautiful personalized crystals pdf that will serve as your own crystal guide. You can use this knowledge to set your protection grids, create your magic spells, but also to have these crystals with you to elevate your design’s frequency and stay in alignment. This is something to keep and use forever!

€50 (incl. btw) for your complete personalized crystals guide

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You want to do it all, but you don’t know where to start and you need accountability! Note that this a complete “Align, Awaken + Flow” experience that will transform your life beyond what you think is possible!

You’re unique, so let’s cater this coaching experience to what it is you need. Find the framework below as a starting framework.

This experience will mainly consist of 4 pillars:
1) Get to know how your personal HD chart is designed and a S&A Action Plan to follow your Strategy and Inner Authority.
2) Get your personal Map of Awareness and exactly know how your brain (body/design) and mind (mind/personality) works, including your dietary regimen and environment to function optimally.
3) Get your personal Energetic Blueprint (based on Tantric Numerology) and understand how your 10 bodies (Soul Body, Negative Mind, Positive Mind, Neutral Mind, Physical Body, Arcline, Aura, Pranic Body, Subtle Body, Radiant Body) are programmed and how they affect you on a daily basis.
4) Set yourself up for success by having a daily personal practice, a curated 40 days Sadhana using the Kundalini yoga & meditation technology. This will elevate you in the deepest possible form by cleaning out your subconscious mind and removing you from your Not-Self, having a clear connection with your intuition, strengthening your nervous system, having a peaceful calm mind, and aligning your projection to your desires, purpose and life goals.

We’ll start the session by connecting with each other so you can share what you want as a result. In the first month we’ll have a weekly video chat session and after that we’ll have a bi-weekly video chat coaching sessions to keep things moving in the right direction. At any time you can contact me if you need support.

The coaching sessions are 90 minutes. It will include your personal S&A Action Plan, Map of Awareness, Energetic Blueprint, a 40 days Sadhana practice + follow up practice set, and unlimited support. No previous experience needed.

Let’s first connect to see if we’re a fit, ok? The introductory video call is on me! Email me at info(at)