Personal (healing) crystals guide!


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We’re all energy and you have your own unique energetic blueprint that comes with a certain vibration/frequency. If you’re using crystals for external things, you can use about any crystal with their needed properties, but if you’re using crystals for the inner things, it has a much more profound effect to use crystals that are aligned with you’re vibratory energetic power. If you consider yourself an empath, highly sensitive or need healing in specific areas of self, it’s even more important to know your stones.

I’ll step into my mystical detective mode and find your personal crystals based on your Human Design chart and your Gene Keys Golden Path. I’ll set up a beautiful personalized crystals pdf that will serve as your own crystal guide. You can use this knowledge to set your protection grids, create your magic spells, but also to have these crystals with you to elevate your design’s frequency and stay in alignment. This is something to keep and use forever!

€50 (incl. btw) for your complete personalized crystals guide


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