Intro Alignment Session


Don’t forget to email me your birth time/date/place after placing your order! Email:



This is for you if you’re not sure yet if this is for you. You can see it as getting a taster of your life’s blueprint! This session will be especially recorded for you, giving you an overview of your personal mechanics based on your unique Human Design chart. I’ll share the most important details so that this is a real kick-start into your transformation to reconnect to your true essence. I’ll connect to your Spirit Guides so you can be sure that you’ll hear everything that you need to hear!

You’ll receive a 30 min audio recording within 5 days after we’ve exchanged the details & payment. This intro session can give you a feel if all this resonates with you, and if you feel that we’re a match, before investing to dive deeper.

Please send me your most accurate birth time (which is important!), birth date and birth place.

€50 (incl. btw)

If in time you feel like having a follow up session with me, we will dive deeper into any questions you have and I’ll make sure you have the clarity you need to continue aligned on your journey!

If you wish to continue working with me:
Follow up sessions are €100 (incl. btw) per 60 minutes,
or choose to dive deeper with the FULL ALIGNMENT SESSION >>

ps. you can always email me at info (at) if you have any questions or want to have a chat first!