Human Design chart Q&A session


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Have you already done a reading elsewhere, but you still have questions that you’re not getting answers to? I’m your girl! I’m a no fluff, straight to the point and don’t like to beat around the bush with information that should be accessible to everyone. So in our session I’ll go through your chart and you may let me know what exactly / what more you would like to know about your chart. It can be about your main purpose in life, to open centers, to the workings of your variables (the arrows), to your dietary and environment regimens (Human Design PHS reading), etc. If this is your first time doing a reading, I’d suggest you to do the “Intro Alignment session”.

I can send you an email or audio with your answers, but we could also meet on video chat (Skype). You’ll get a recording of the session.

Our session:
€100 (incl. btw) per 60 minutes