Kundalini teacher training // week 1 (of 3) // Mallorca – Augustus 2018

2,5 years ago I got introduced to Kundalini Yoga by my teacher mentor Erica Jago. I always had this idea that Kundalini was this weird type of yoga, with weird people, wearing weird white outfits and turbans. It also made me think of devilish cult stories I saw on TV and it somehow reminded me of the barefeet Hari Krishna’s on the street. Kundalini was a definite NO for me.

But when I followed Erica Jago’s class, it was everything my soul needed on a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic level. She represented all the elements I had been searching and healing within myself for the past years. This was my first moment finding out that Kundalini yoga was something I didn’t really want, but it was something that I knew I needed. My soul needed it, and I couldn’t deny it.

I followed all Erica’s online classes, her in-person workshops when she was in Amsterdam, and her retreat in Italy last year (blog post coming soon). I also found another teacher mentor Kia Miller, who made Kundalini so normal and accessible. Last year I did a Detox/Cleansing course with her based on Ayurveda and Kundalini science, which was eye opening to say the least.

Neither Erica Jago or Kia Miller had an official Kundalini teacher training, so I continued following some other teachers for a teacher training. These were all high-profile older teachers with so much experience and knowledge, but somehow my intuition didn’t click with them, and I continued my search.

Finally the moment came that I found this young powerful Kundalini teacher Guru Jagat. From the moment I heard her talking, till this day, she has been speaking my language. A deep rooted “language” that I was afraid to vocalize in this political correct world where people tend to follow each other like sheep.

I felt understood, I felt accepted, I felt normal, I felt free, and I felt a new revival of my my own inner power.

I joined her Aquarian Business Training (RA MA Yoga Institute), and got to know the other teachers Harijiwan, Gurujas, and Tej. It was all an instant match.

I wanted to start with the teacher training in September 2018 in New York, but after after having a personal meditation with one the teachers, he got a vision (the exact one that I’ve been having for the past 15 years), and he said: “I don’t care how you will make it work, but make sure you go to Mallorca in August!” And he was right. Being in Mallorca for the first part of the Kundalini teacher training and the festival, it was beyond magical.

I’ve learned a lot; actually more than a lot lol! It has been so overwhelming that I couldn’t even write in my journal. This is the first time I am trying to put it all in words. All I know is that I was at the exact right place, at the exact right time. And I love how my personal morals and beliefs match the morals and beliefs of this school and its teachers. This is the most non-judgmental yoga community that I have encountered in my life.

I feel strong, I feel focused, I feel determined, I feel passionate, I feel so fucking good!

So, is Kundalini yoga weird? My answer is YES, weirdly powerful yes. It’s the most powerful practice I’ve ever had. Kundalini is based on Yogic Science and Technology, and I love how every.single.thing has a yogic scientific reason (you are not doing something just to do it; there is an explainable reason behind it), including the white outfits, the turbans, and the mantra’s! And I got to finally accept that I am weird as well, but weird is the new normal nowadays, so yayyy for that!!!

Is Kundalini yoga a cult? Nope. It’s not a cult and it’s not a religion; it’s a tool, a modality based on yogic science and technology to guide you become your best possible version of self. It can seem like a cult sometimes, but that’s because people tend to become overly fanatic when practicing things they love (which is something our teachers are warning us about, it’s all about staying grounded, balanced and aware).

Now I still have 2 training weeks to go, 20 Kundalini classes, a white tantric session, written essay/exam, and a practical exam to go. I think it might take about 8 months to a year to receive my certification. Let’s see how it all flows.

I will mostly continue sharing my insights and teachings on my Instagram and in my weekly Newsletter, and I will share some blog posts too!

We as humans tend to discard things because it’s unknown to us, but if you feel called to try something out, if your intuition guides you to something, I invite you to explore it and then decide what your thoughts are about it. Feel free to share your experiences with me; I’m so excited for our life’s adventures!

(next blog post: my Mallorca travel journey)

Video >> Snapshot of my mornings before our first class!

>> Photo gallery!

Video >> This is an impression of our beautiful excursion to the Monastery Miramar!

Video >> Some short snippets of class and RA MA Festival!

Author: Emmely Jacobs

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  • Hi Emmely,
    That sounds so good! I’m very happy for you.
    Are you going to teach already during the time you’re studying Kundalini?
    I would be really interested.
    Hope to see you soon! Love, Marilene

    • Marilene!! I love hearing from you! Thank you! It’s been the most amazing.

      Yes, I am planning on starting to teach some classes/workshops online, but I am not sure when I will teach an in-person class in The Netherlands. I will keep you posted for sure. Sending my love, Emmely x