End this year powerful: Review, let go, set intentions, manifest!

Living a sovereign life means that you’re living your life through your own interpretation of time and space, instead of with it and how everything anyone else thinks of it. When you dare to step outside the boxes, you’ll find yourself living more and more in sync with nature’s rhythm.

For me it all started 9 years ago when I threw out my watch, and 4,5 years ago when I started living by the Moon phases (New & Full Moon). The Kundalini yoga tradition supports all this and it’s even the most important thing to align yourself with these Moon phases, the Equinoxes (spring + fall), and the Solstices (summer + winter).

It’s with the Solstices (solar new year) that you can really set the tone for the upcoming 6 months. So you could see this as a time that the divine cosmic energy can help you to elevate your consciousness, your health, any other thing that is that is of value to you.

I’ve put together some of things that I do myself during this powerful month, using the New Moon, Winter Solstice, and Full Moon energies to the max!

Review + Let go

– Take a moment to be with yourself. Choose a space that feels good and make it as cosy as you wish (e.g. light up a candle, put some incense, or use essential oils).
– Sit in mediation. Spine straight, shoulders back, hands resting on the knees. Close your eyes, relax your face, and observe your breath. Breathe in and out through the nose.
– Bring yourself to the past months (like a movie on a screen) to review your small/big proud moments and moments where you’ve been feeling stuck.
– Take a pen and paper, and write a list of all your proud moments, small and big. After you’ve done that, think of any other moments that you have overlooked, and that you can actually be proud of. Don’t be shy to give yourself a pat on the back!
– Now write down a list of things that have kept you stuck and/or are keeping you stuck. Is there anything you can do to create some movement in this stagnant energy? Write down the possible solution(s) to each. Trust that you know the answers.

Set intentions/affirmations

To manifest whatever you want, you need to intentionally and specifically project that intention/affirmation into that direction. There is a whole list of things you should be doing to really manifest the good stuff, which will take more than this short explanation, but by even doing these basics you’ll be able to manifest lots of things yourself.

The more aligned your wishes and desires are with your subconscious mind + your highest destiny/your true path of life, the faster things will manifest for you (things can literally happen the next day!). That’s why having a set of daily affirmations is important!

This year I’ve hosted the free 7 days “Self-Love + Affirmations Challenge” twice (in February and in September an updated version). In this challenge I explained about how important it is to write your affirmations in the present tense, as if whatever you wish is happening right now.

When you do this, you affirm (reprogram) this feeling/situation/anything as the truth in your subconscious mind. It is also important to visualize and feel the feelings you have when this, whatever it is, is happening.

The basics of how to manifest:
– Know what it is you want; a feeling/situation/anything. The Universe wants specifics!
– Write it down in present tense as if it is the truth and already happening.
– Visualize and feel the feelings of this. You can also read them every morning (during your spiritual practice).
– Act as if it has already happened and plan your things like such!

If you really want get started and get guided in this affirmation setting, I would recommend you to (re-)do the “Self-Love + Affirmations Challenge”. I’m currently not running the group challenge, so you can do it on your own.

If you haven’t done it before but you’re curious and want to do it, click here:

Free 7 day Self-Love + Affirmations Challenge (English version) >>
Gratis 7 dagen Self-Love + Affirmaties Challenge (Dutch version) >>

You just need to click the link, you’ll see a “Thank You” page and immediately receive an email with the videos + workbook!

Now, keep going!

If you’re reading this and it’s anywhere around the Solstice week, know that the energies are on an all time high. Besides the different important intentions/affirmations, it’s best to set 1 main theme (intention/affirmation) during the period around the Solstice, so you can really boost/amplify this into the upcoming 6 months.

I hope you get the time to do one of these practices and align yourself again with your beautiful life’s journey. If you feel like it, please share your intention and/or affirmation!!


Author: Emmely Jacobs

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