Curacao Yoga classes // December 2018!

I’m so happy you are interested in doing some yoga during this busy month. Self care is the way to go if you want to stay grounded, in control, and mentally & emotionally balanced.

These are the 4 Kundalini Yoga classes + 1 Yin/Yoga Nidra class that I’ll be teaching in December 2018! In January I’ll probably only teach 1-2 classes before I leave to Holland (working on a detox, yoga + vision setting class/workshop).

Spaces are limited, so if you want to join, please register below (you can register for more than 1 class at once). If the class is full, you’ll get a message that you’ve been put on the waiting list.


New Moon: Get Rid of Stagnant Energy

Do you feel that there are any areas in your life that can get a boost? In this class you’ll dissolve stuck energy and let go of any tensions. This will allow the flow of joy into your life, activate your creativity, and bring yourself right back into action.

Recharge w/ Yoga Nidra: Deep Rest, Deep Sleep!

We’re using the 12/12 portal energy to connect to your deepest heart desires and clear your subconscious mind to provide space for the deepest rest possible. You’ll start with a relaxing short Yin/Restorative yoga session and continue with a Yoga Nidra guided meditation while you rest in Savasana.

Strengthen your Radiant Inner Power

Feel strong, confident, and empowered in your own center. Let’s set the navel point – 3rd chakra energy, balance the glandular system, and strengthen your complete nervous system.

Self-Healing through Movement, Meditation & Breathwork

Winter Solstice meets Full Moon energies; an extra special class that’s not to be missed! Solstices (summer + winter) are seen as the 2 most important dates of the year. It sets the tone for the upcoming 6 months, a time that the divine cosmic energy can help you to elevate your consciousness and your health.
This class is all about using your own power to heal your traumas and inner wounds. Through intelligent movements, meditation and breathwork your entire being will be re-energized and buzzing at the end of the class!

Upgrade to Patterns of Success, Abundance & Prosperity!

Drop it like it’s hot in 2018 and prepare to be your radiant self in 2019! You’ll be clearing your 10 bodies from any negative energy, and upgrade your aura & electromagnetic field with the patterns of success, abundance, and prosperity.


Per class: NAF. 20,- (only cash, no pin)
Location: Kaya Roi Katochi 82a, Curaçao

*classes will be taught in English



The classes are sold out and the waiting list is full as well!
Stay tuned for the January classes


I’m sooo freaking excited to get you some upgrades and elevation to enter this new year more radiant than ever!

See you on the mat,
Emmely x

Author: Emmely Jacobs

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