Activate, Create & Manifest your Vision for 2019!

You’re happy with your life, but you know that if you tweak some things here & there your life will take off to a next level.

I knew this for years but fears and other stuff were holding me back, and I wasn’t taking real inspired actions. With no vision I was going with the flow and thinking that I was surrendering to whatever the Universe/Higher Power/God/Creator had planned for me. But actually, I was giving my power away and waiting for things to randomly happen.

Now let’s be done with those types of attitudes and get ready to make life work for you!

It’s time to activate your super powers and create a fulfilling and meaningful life of purpose, happiness, prosperity, and freedom.

This workshop will guide you to do exactly that! I’ll take you on a journey of reconnecting deeply to your true essence and getting a clear vision of what it is you want for yourself.

You’ll command your body and senses to function under the leadership of your mind, because it’s each thought (and each emotion) that influences your mind and creates the vibration that affects your whole life – your destiny.

It’s especially a perfect fit for this year, 2019, because in Numerology it’s a year #3 a.k.a. the year of the positive mind. Your challenges will be in the realm of keeping your mind out of the negative and focused on the positivity which will give you the power to affect your future in the ways you desire.

Being neutral in your positive mind gives will give you the daily base to be calm, clear and connected to your inner authority (intuition) so you can keep projecting your energy/frequency into the right direction.

2hr workshop session consists of:

ACTIVATE: a Kundalini Yoga class to activate the positive mind and reprogram your current patterns into desired patterns.
CREATE: a Yoga Nidra meditation that will tap into the layers of your subconscious mind to unveil & create your (heart’s desires) vision through visualizations.
MANIFEST: Vision + Intentions setting by doing journaling exercises and a manifestation meditation.

You can join me for the in-person workshop session in Curacao or join the virtual session on 21st January (Full Moon); details below!


Join the in-person workshop session:

Saturday January 12th, 2019
10 am – 12 pm
NAF. 40,- (incl. light refreshments)

Location: Kaya Roi Katochi 82a, Curaçao

*class will be taught in English


… and/or join the virtual session:

Fill in the form below to request details. The virtual workshop will include a Kundalini Yoga class video, a Yoga Nidra class audio, and a workbook with the journaling exercises.

Author: Emmely Jacobs

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